• Grasse Zur Composite Testing supports Schülerpaten Deutschland e.V.

    This year, with our donation-campaign we support Schülerpaten Deutschland e.V. .

    According to the motto “learning from each other. Unterstanding each other”, SCHÜLERPATEN DEUTSCHLAND (student mentors for pupils) opens better educational opportunities for children of non-German origin, promots the intercultural interchange and commitments of the citizens. Many kids with immigration background need extra tuition in school, but their families can’t afford the costs. At the same time there is a great potential of civic commitment all over the country, especially among students. This is where the projekts steps in: SCHÜLERPATEN DEUTSCHLAND  connects voluntary  mentors to pupils with immigration background.

    The first association of this concept was SCHÜLERPATEN BERLIN e.V., which started 2009 and won many awards (Jurgen Mulert Award on Mutual Understanding 2013, Hauptstadtpreis für Integration und Toleranz 2012, Jugend engagiert!-Preis 2012, Mete-Ekşi-Preis 2011, Bildungsidee 2011 im Rahmen von Deutschland – Land der Ideen), and the umbrella organisation is prizewinner in the German national startsocial award 2014.

    GRASSE ZUR COMPOSITE TESTING really wants to support such a wonderful project. Access to education and support of qualified young researchers ensures technological improvements and helps boosting the economic competitiveness of Germany.


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