Due to Composites Europe 2018 we offer you a special price for material testing and the determination of characteristic values according to standardised tests. You will receive a discount of 25 percent on all listed testing services until November 16th 2018:

  • Tensile tests in 0° and 90° fibre orientation including determination of tensile moduli, tensile strengths, Poisson ratio and max. tensile strain (Testing according to ISO 527-2/4/5, ASTM D3039, DIN EN 2561
  • Compression tests in 0° and 90° fibre orientation including determination of compressive moduli, compressive strengths and max. compressive strain (Testing according to ISO 14126 (Celanese compression test), DIN EN 2850)
  • Shear tests including determination of shear modulus, shear strength and max. shear strain (Testing according to ISO 14129, DIN SPEC 4885 (picture frame test!), ASTM D5379 (Iosipescu shear test), ASTM D7078 (Rail Shear test), ASTM D3518, DIN EN 6031)
  • Bending tests including determination of bending modulus, bending strength and max. bending strain (Testing according to ISO 14125, ISO 178, ASTM D790, DIN EN 2562, DIN EN 2748)
  • ILSS tests including determination of interlaminar shear strength (Testing according to ISO 14130, ASTM D2344, DIN EN 2563, DIN EN 2377)
  • Determination of fibre volume content (ashing or calcination) (Testing according to ISO 14127, DIN EN 2564)
  • Determination of density (Testing according to DIN EN 1183-1)
  • Determination of current and max. glass transition temperature Tg (DSC) (Testing according to ISO 11357)

The offer includes the preparation of test specimens from provided material, the application of tabs and strain gauges, the geometry measurement of specimens, the material tests and the preparation of test reports. The tests are carried out at room temperature or higher temperatures on calibrated testing machines.

There are not the right material tests listed? Just contact us, we are happy to advise you and create an adapted offer if necessary!