Grasse Zur Composite Testing

Producing material testing devices and performing specialized material tests, Grasse Zur Composite Testing offers comprehensive knowledge about material testings of fibre reinforced plastics.

Our goal is to customize the standard testing routines to your individual needs and problems. Thus we generate high quality results in a fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive way. Being a reliable service provider, Grasse Zur Composite Testing conducts mechanical material tests according to all established testing methods for fibre reinforced plastics. In addition, we create new, innovative methods. We focus on quasi-static as well as dynamic mechanical tests and are happy to develop not yet standardized testing systems for you.

As developers and manufacturers of testing systems, we particularly promote shear stress testing with our innovative shear stress testing frame GZ S80 . This new testing device, described in DIN SPEC 4885, won the annual innovation awards DIN Innovation Award 2014 and Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg 2014As Spin-off out of the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) we profit from fundamental experiences in applied science research projects. After several years of working in corporate environments we also know about the challenges of daily practice in industrial companies.

The main emphasis of our work will continue to be transferring the results of current research on composite material testing into products, services and technical consulting to promote your company.

Fabian Grasse, PhD and Malte Zur, PhD
Grasse Zur Management Team