Composite testings

  Material testing of fiber-reinforced plastics

Grasse Zur Composite Testing offers a complete service for FRP materials testing. Together with you, the client, we accurately reach the goal of application-oriented testing of composite materials.

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Static Testing of Materials

We conduct studies in order to characterize the static mechanical properties of materials by using electromechanical testing machines with a force range from 10 kN to 100 kN. We examine in detail for you all the existing standard test methods according to DIN EN ISO or ASTM and, through our experience and Know-How of standards from other technical fields of application, we can advise you.

Fatigue Testing of Materials

Dynamic tests are carried out through servohydraulic testing machines with a force range from 10 kN to 50 kN. A multifunctional measuring amplifier allows for a precise measurement of strains, temperature and other variables of interest. The clamping of the specimen is performed by a hydraulic wedge clamping system for thicknesses ranging from 0 mm to 25 mm and also for circular specimens.

Other Services

If required, we manufacture composite material plates in accordance with your geometry specifications.  The samples are prepared by using the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process with a maximum size of 500 mm x 500 mm and an adjustable specimen thickness ranged between 0 mm and 10 mm. The manufactured plates are bubble-free and characterized by their high quality finishes.

According to the specifications of our clients, we manufacture high-precision test specimens of fiber-reinforced plastics by using CNC milling technology in accordance with the correct fiber orientation and the necessary tolerances for the exact geometry of the specimens. The test specimens are measured using calibrated measuring tools and, if required, strain gauges can be attached on the specimens in order to accurately assess the material deformation during testing.

Grasse Zur Ingenieurgesellschaft is equipped with hi-tech electromechanical and servohydraulic testing machines and an extensive experience in the material testing field.

Furthermore we develope in collaboration with our clients new testing systems, not limited to the previously described systems. One of which is the GZ RA-20 to quantify the residual adhesion force of integrated release agent polymer mixtures.