ISO 17025

Currently we are in the process of obtaining laboratory accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025. Since May 2017 our test laboratory works according to DIN EN ISO 17025. The first audit is dated for April 2018.



Quality Policy

Grasse Zur Composite Testing is committed to provide high quality testing performance in a non-ambiguous and cost effective way by providing flexibility on standard testing routines to accommodate the needs of the customer. Grasse Zur Composite Testing is also focused on transferring the results of current research on composite materials testing into products, services and technical consulting in order to improve the quality of testing continuously.

In doing so, Grasse Zur Composite Testing ensures that:

  • it adheres to all customers, regulatory and standard requirements;
  • all personnel are committed to implement the policies and procedures of the Quality Management System according to ISO 17025 in their work;
  • it is committed to a continual improvement of the Management System.

Quality objectives are

  • to implement and adhere to the requirements of the Laboratory Management System;
  • to develop and implement new methods of testing in accordance to customer requirements;
  • to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through timely delivery and high quality of test performance.