Accredited Laboratory


Grasse Zur Composite Testing has been accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 since 2018 and has the competence to perform mechanical-technological and physical tests on plastics as well as fibre composites and products made from them.

Quality Policy

Grasse Zur Composite Testing is committed to provide high quality testing performance in a non-ambiguous and cost effective way by providing flexibility on standard testing routines to accommodate the needs of the customer. Grasse Zur Composite Testing is also focused on transferring the results of current research on composite materials testing into products, services and technical consulting in order to improve the quality of testing fiber-reinforced plastics continuously.

DIN Membership

Grasse Zur Composite Testing is member of DIN and is actively involved in the standards comitee of fiber-reinforced plastics (NA 054-02-02 AA Reinforced plastics and thermosetting materials) both nationally and internationally.