Bending Fixture GZ B-20

Our innovative bending fixture GZ B-20 allows for testing according to any standard for testing flexure properties of composite materials using only one single fixture. Any possible support span can be set up and any defined support radius is available. The testing method is based on a fixture made up by two main components that hold a specimen using two outer supports and one or two inner supports (3-point or 4-point setup). For testing the flexure properties of fiber-reinforced plastics materials the standards DIN EN ISO 14125, DIN EN ISO 178 and ASTM D 790 are widely used. Any of the methods is meant for determination of the flexure strength and flexure modulus or stiffness under defined testing conditions. The test is conducted under a constant speed and up to a defined deformation or until failure of the specimen. As results of the test, the flexure strength and modulus are determined.


  • Compact and very high quality flexure fixture for loads up to 20 kN
  • Exchangeable flexure components for quick and easy adaption of the testing device to various testing standards (supported standard see below)
  • Support span can be chosen continuously (no steps)
  • Stainless steel design of all components for use in climate chambers (-60 to +150°C)


  • Specimen supports with any radius defined in DIN, ISO, EN and ASTM standards (R=2, R=3, R=5)
  • Adapter to all standard electro-mechanical and servo-hydraulical testing machines


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