Start your career at Grasse Zur Composite Testing

At Grasse Zur Composite Testing, we start with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for innovative materials drives us to promote the use of composites and create new ideas. Enthusiasm for our projects draws a team of experts, and together we reach the best for our customers. Combining the skills of specialists, professional workflow and fun at work, we successfully create our future.

Being an innovative company, Grasse Zur Composite Testing focuses on highly skilled junior employees. Meet a variety of fascinating challenges and questions, and share your technical passion with us. 

By the way, at any time you may complete an internship or write your diploma, bachelor’s or master’s thesis with us.

Write your thesis at Grasse Zur Composite Testing

We would gladly partner with you for the creation of your diploma, bachelor’s or master’s thesis. In collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin and other Universities, Grasse Zur Composite Testing offers a variety of interesting topics on the subject of composites and fibre-reinforced plastics for your thesis.

Please contact us, when you are interested in writing your thesis with us. We are looking forward to your application!