Composite Testing Technology



Grasse Zur Composite Testing specialises in the testing of fibre-reinforced plastics and operates a materials testing laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 at its Berlin site. In addition, the company develops reference test fixtures for materials testing, sells the US-Plus® online process control system and offers professional seminars on all aspects of composite testing at its site.

As a developer and manufacturer of testing systems, the company offer an innovative advance in the shear testing of fibre-reinforced plastics, especially with our shear testing system GZ S-80. For this reason, the new test method according to DIN SPEC 4885 was awarded the DIN Innovation Prize 2014 and the Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg 2014. As a spin-off from the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), we offer sound experience in applied research. Thanks to many years of industrial experience, we are just as familiar with the challenges of practical work in industrial companies.


Our aim is to develop test programs for our customers that are precisely tailored to their needs and problems and to implement them within the shortest possible time. This enables us to generate high-quality results quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Grasse Zur Composite Testing is a reliable service provider offering mechanical material testing of all common test methods as well as innovative, new test methods for fibre-reinforced plastics. We do not limit ourselves exclusively to quasi-static and dynamic tests, but are also happy to develop new, not yet standardised test systems for our customers.

In the future, we will continue to transfer the results of current research from the field of testing fibre composite materials (FRP) into innovative products, services and technical advice.

Dr Fabian Grasse
Managing Director