Composite Standard Overview

Fibre-reinforced plastics can be tested according to a variety of national and international standards. These standards differentiate according to the material of the fibre or the matrix, the fibre orientation or other criteria. In addition, there are a large number of manufacturer’s or factory standards which partly supplement the national and international standards or differ in individual points.

In the following, a series of standards are listed which are usually used for the testing of fibre-reinforced plastics. The list is divided into the typical tests such as tensile tests or shear tests. If you have any questions about the individual standards or would like to receive a quotation for a standard that is not listed, we would be pleased to receive your enquiry.

Tensile test
Open hole / filled hole tensile test
Compressive test
Open hole / filled hole compressive test
CAI test (compression after impact)
Bending test (3-point & 4-point bending)
Shear test (intralaminar shear)
ILSS test (apparent interlaminar shear strength)
Tensile shear test (lap shear test)
Fracture mechanics
Hoop wound cylinders, bearing strength and fastener elements
Pull and peel test
Fatigue and service strength test
Sandwich test