US-Plus® Process Control

Online process control for process monitoring and incoming inspection


The innovative online process control GZ US-Plus® enables a non-contact process monitoring for curing control on crosslinking plastics such as composite materials (GFRP & CFRP). The functionality of the online process control is based on ultrasonic measurements. GZ US-Plus® allows statements to be made about differences in curing properties and flow behaviour compared to reference values or other batches as well as about deviations in production parameters. The optimum process parameters can be determined by analysing the measurement data. In this way, the curing times can be minimized, rejects avoided and the quality of the production process documented.


The reliability of the test method and its advantages have been demonstrated in numerous studies and comparative tests with other methods such as dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), dynamic differential calorimetry (DSC) or rheology, both in industry and research. The online process control was developed at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and has been used successfully in industry and research for more than 20 years.

Procedure for the suitability test

  • 1

    Applicability test

    Testing the applicability of the US-Plus® technology for the customer-specific material

  • 2

    Preliminary tests

    Conducting of preliminary tests on small quantities of material in our accredited material testing laboratory

  • 3


    Rental of the analyser to carry out on-site measurements for a limited period of time

  • 4

    Purchase of the analyser

    Acquisition of the US-Plus® analysis device for incoming goods and process control