GZ B-50

3-point & 4-point flexure fixture for cyclic tests

The flexure fixture GZ B-50 is suitable for the quasi-static and cyclic characterisation of the flexural properties of fibre-reinforced plastics. The test fixture is used for testing short, long and continuous fibre-reinforced plastics with thermoplastic or thermoset base materials and is used for unidirectional layers and/or fabrics as well as multilayer composites (sandwich laminates).

The flexure fixture is suitable for 3-point and 4-point bending tests and can be used for both quasi-static and cyclic tests.

Demo Image
  • Rigid flexure fixture for high static and cyclic loads up to 50 kN
  • Intelligent design for easy change between 3-point and 4-point bending
  • Roller bearings of the cages with large-dimension needle bearings for high load cycles with low maintenance requirements
  • Vertical and horizontal centre positioning of the specimens to prevent displacement in cyclic operation
  • Determination of S/N curves at load ratios of R = -1 (alternating load) or all other load ratios
  • Stainless steel design of all components for use in climatic chambers (-40...+150 °C)
  • Support fin fixed with different radii
  • Support fin mounted with different radii
  • Adapter for connection to all common electromechanical and servo-hydraulic testing machines
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