GZ IT-50

IITRI compression test fixture for quasi-static testing

The IITRI compression test fixture GZ IT-50 is suitable for the quasi-static characterisation of the compression properties of composites. The test fixture is used for testing short, long and continuous fibre-reinforced plastics with thermoplastic or thermoset base materials and is used for unidirectional layers and/or fabrics as well as multilayer composites (sandwich laminates). Furthermore, isotropic materials such as pure resin or adhesive resin materials can also be tested with this test fixture. The compression test fixture is required for testing fibre-reinforced plastics in order to prevent the specimen from buckling. Compared to the Celanese compression test fixture GZ C-20, the IITRI test fixture has the advantage that testing according to ASTM D3410 as well as DIN EN ISO 14126 is possible.

This means that specimens with a length of 110…160 mm and a width of 6…25 mm can be tested. According to the standards, the use of tabs is not mandatory, but recommended in order to avoid too large a stress step between the clamping area and the free test surface and consequently clamping fractures. Strain gauges are applied to the centre of the specimen on both sides in order to determine the compressive stiffness, the strain at failure and the buckling. The test fixture consists of clamping wedges which, according to the self-reinforcing principle, divert the axial force of the testing machine into a transverse force for clamping the test specimen.

  • Rigid compression test fixture for static test loads up to 50 kN
  • Specimen geometry 110...160 mm x 6...25 mm x 4/2 mm
  • Specimen exchange within the fixture, i.e. the clamping wedges do not have to be removed for specimen exchange
  • Exchangeable clamping pads for different materials and fibre orientations
  • Very high quality and durable construction for easy operation to achieve smallest standard deviations
  • Stainless steel design of all components for use in climatic chambers (-40...+150 °C)
  • Clamping pads with cross milling, longitudinal milling or diamond coating
  • Machine connections for use with all common electromechanical and servo-hydraulic testing machines
  • Compression plates with adapters for connection to all common electromechanical and servo-hydraulic testing machines
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