Composite Seminars

Professional seminars and trainings regarding testing of fiber-reinforced plastics


Regarding the topic of material testing of fiber-reinforced plastics, Grasse Zur Composite Testing offers a number of interesting professional seminars and training opportunities. The trainings are taking place in our head office in Berlin close to our accredited test laboratory. They generally consist both of a theoretical and a practical part, including the experimental testing of composite materials. Please note that we have limited numbers of participations to guarantee a higher quality for the professional trainings.

Feedback of participants

  • “Very good seminar, balanced shares of theory and practice!”
  • “Excellent atmosphere! The lecturers have a brilliant know-how!”
  • “Great practical part and very good presentation!”
  • “I particularly liked the balance between theory and practice.”
  • “The lecturers are open for every question and always answering helpfully!”