Shear Frame Test Fixture GZ S-100 / GZ S-100 HT

The newly developed test system for testing shear properties of composite materials offers unique capabilities using a highly improved testing method compared to the relevant ASTM and DIN EN ISO Standards.


  • Test system based on picture frame method for testing quasi-static shear properties
  • Quantification of in-plane shear properties of fibre-reinforced plastics and other materials up to 10 mm thickness
  • Material failure and material buckling tests with up to 100 kN test loads
  • Operation in standard static tensile testing machines
  • Available for testing in elevated temperature up to +150 °C
  • All stainless steel design
  • Specimen clamping by hydraulic cylinders offer homogeneous clamping forces up to 120 kN
  • Use with 700 bars hydraulic system GZ HP-700 M


  • Shear test system offers unique capability for testing in-plane shear
  • Improved method compared to ASTM D4255, ASTM D7078, ASTM D5379 and DIN EN ISO 14129
  • Testing with uniform shear stress characteristics
  • No free fibre ends on test specimen
  • Adaptor / Connector for any tensile testing machine available
  • For tests of any material with up to 10 mm thickness (carbon fibre, sandwich, other plastics, etc.)


  • DIN SPEC 4885, “Fibre-reinforced plastic composites – Shear test method using a shear frame for the determination of the in-plane shear stress/shear strain response and shear modulus”, DIN, 2014