Composite Thermal Analysis

The thermoanalytical test of fiber reinforced plastics plays a large role in the characterization of material properties. In particular to the determination of the matrix dominating material qualities (intermediate fiber fracture) like shear or transverse tensile properties, a complete picture results only through the knowledge of matrix properties. For example, if there is an incomplete cure (Alpha <95%), cure reserves are available, which can significantly increase the compressive strength, especially at elevated temperatures.

Also, a determination of the actual and maximum glass transition temperatures Tg is useful, e.g. to be able to determine the influence of tempering and the mixing ratio. There are several methods available, such as DSC or DMA, which provide the information in different physical ways.

Dynamic differential thermal analysis (DSC) according to DIN EN ISO 11357
Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) according to DIN EN ISO 6721-3
Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) according to DIN EN ISO 11358
Thermomechanical analysis (TMA) according to DIN EN ISO 11359
Determination of heat resistance (HDT) according to DIN EN ISO 75-2