Anti-Buckling Test Fixture GZ BS-32

The anti-buckling test fixture is used for the cyclic characterisation of the shear and tensile-compression properties of fibre-reinforced plastics to avoid buckling effects (Euler buckling). The test fixture can be used for short, long and continuous fibre-reinforced plastics with thermoplastic or thermosetting matrices and unidirectional layers or multi-layer laminates (sandwich laminates).

The cyclic shear properties can be obtained for composite materials with +/-45° fibre orientation, whereas the cyclic tensile-compression properties can be determined when testing composite materials with 0°, 90° or 0°/90° fibre orientation.

Features & Benefits

  • Design of Anti-Buckling test fixture for high loads up to 50 kN in static and dynamic testings
  • Clamping surfaces interchangeable – can be quickly changed for each application or requirement
  • Clamping system with Teflon coating to optimize friction between  specimen and buckling fixture
  • Stainless steel design of all components for use in climate chambers (-60…+150 °C)


  • Infrared temperature sensor for frequency-optimized testing (trimodal control of the universal testing machine required)
  • Clamping wedges with cross milling, longitudinal milling, transverse milling or diamond coating


  • RHV – Richtlinie des Luftfahrtbundesamtes 1999

Further Information