Composite Test Fixtures

Reference test fixtures for testing composite materials

Reference test fixtures

Grasse Zur Composite Testing offers a wide range of test fixtures for the mechanical determination of characteristic values of fibre-reinforced plastics. The test fixtures are used in universal testing machines (e.g. Zwick, MTS, Instron,…) according to the respective test standard to perform quasi-static and cyclic tests. Through the operation of the accredited test laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025, Grasse Zur Composite Testing has the know-how in handling test fixtures in order to achieve best test results with optimised ergonomics. As a member of DIN, Grasse Zur Composite Testing actively designs new standards and revises existing test procedures. In addition, individual test devices are developed on behalf of customers, such as the release agent test fixture in cooperation with BMW, with which special applications can be carried out.

Optimised use

The test fixtures are characterised by optimised clamping conditions and alignment possibilities of the specimens as well as easier operation. For this reason, better material properties are achieved with increased reproducibility of the material properties. In addition, new test methods from research and industry, such as the determination of shear characteristic values by means of shear frames from the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), are transferred to industrial practice and standardised in the corresponding committees, e.g. as DIN EN ISO 20337.