GZ SD-80

Split disk test fixture for wound tubes and tube sections

The split disk test fixture GZ SD-80 is used for quasi-static and cyclic testing according to ASTM D2290. The ring tensile strength of rings, tubes and tube sections made of plastics and fibre-reinforced plastics (wound tubes) is determined. The tests are performed on test specimens over the entire width or on test specimens with a reduced cross-section to reduce the marginal influence at a defined failure location.

The split disk test fixture GZ SD-80 is characterised by very high rigidity and easy handling. The fork heads, which can be adapted to all common universal testing machines, are first installed for testing. The hinged discs are then fastened to the clevises using bolts. During the test, the disks align themselves so that the ring-shaped specimen almost completely abuts the disks and a reproducible material failure occurs. If required, strain gauges can be applied to determine the ring tensile stiffness and elongation at break. The disks are available for ring diameters in the range 50…250 mm. The test fixture is also designed for use in climatic chambers.

  • Easy alignment and clamping of the test specimen
  • Optimised surfaces for reproducible material testing
  • Wide range of applications due to disks for ring diameters in the range 50...250 mm
  • Material stainless steel
  • Disks for ring diameters in the range 50...250 mm
  • Clevis joints for upper mounting in universal testing machine according to customer specification
  • ASTM D2290, „Standard test method for apparent hoop tensile strength of plastic or reinforced plastic pipe“, ASTM, 2019