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DIN Price for Innovation 2014 to Grasse Zur Composite Testing

Innovation largely depends on successful knowledge transfer. The German Institute for Standardisation DIN honoured Grasse Zur Composite Testing with the Innovation Price 2014 for transferring their innovative shear testing method of composite materials into application oriented practice. The celebration took place at the Hannover Messe at 8 April 2014.

DIN as well as the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) report in their own press releases about the award for Grasse Zur Composite Testing.

The existing test methods for composite materials satisfy the requirements on the new materials only to a limited extent, especially concerning the determination of shear properties. In the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing a first prototype of the picture frame shear testing system has been developed under the initiation of Dr.-Ing. Volker Trappe. Due to industrial demands, the shear testing system has been enhanced for industrial application requirements. The technical documentation DIN SPEC 4885 significantly increased the reputation and the acceptance of the determination of shear properties using the picture frame test method.