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Berlin Senator for Economics Cornelia Yzer on a tour of discovery through Steglitz-Zehlendorf

Within a three-hour “Tour of Discovery”  the Berlin Senator for Ecocnomics, Cornelia Yzer, visited companies and research institutions in the southwest of Berlin. One of the stops was Max-Planck-Institute for molecular genetics, where young start-ups from Berlin presented themselves, one of them was Grasse Zur Composite Testing. „By now, the southwest of Berlin is a significant and highly regarded life science location. It shows what can arise if science, research and economy investigate and work in close proximity“, says Cornelia Yzer.

Using the novel shear testing system GZ-S 80 , shear properties of fibre reinforced composite materials can be determined with far greater accuracy than using the previous methods according to DIN EN ISO 14129 Rail Shear (ASTM D7078 or ASTM D4255) and Iosipescu (ASTM D5379). The system is applicable to standard tensile testing machines and can be handled by one person only. The quick and easy specimen changeover of specimen for testing series of material samples takes only a few minutes and thus saves time and money. Important customers like BMWBASF or REHAU could already be convinced of the testing system of Grasse Zur Composite Testing.

”We were delighted by Senator of Economics Cornelia Yzer’s visit”, says Norbert Kopp, borough mayor of Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf, „because we want to make the scientific and economic potential of the southwest of Berlin, rarely perceived by the public, better known.During the tour of discovery we introduced examples of successfull technology transfer out of excellence and founder university Free University of Berlin. This includes, outside of the university, fife well-known Max-Planck-Institutes, the Konrad Zuse center of information technology and the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing. They offer a reliable foundation for starting up and developing new businesses. We also discussed the projected technology center southwest.“