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Webinar in cooperation with DIN for DIN SPEC 4885

The webinar provides sound knowledge in the determination of shear parameters of fibre-reinforced plastics, shows the advantages of shear parameter determination by means of picture frames compared to other existing methods for shear parameter determination and enables the user to perform and evaluate shear tests according to DIN SPEC 4885. The webinar takes place in cooperation with Beuth.

The webinar is divided into imparting the basic theoretical knowledge on determining the shear characteristic value of fibre-reinforced plastics and the practical implementation of DIN SPEC 4885. To this end, the special features of the anisotropic material behaviour of fibre-reinforced plastics are explained and the state of the art is presented, taking into account a current overview of standards. The focus of the webinar is on the practical application of DIN SPEC 4885: the determination of shear parameters using shear frames is discussed in detail and many case studies are shown. This will enable both employees in the testing laboratory and decision-makers to find the right procedure for determining the shear coefficient for the respective application.

Event Objective:

  • Determination of shear parameters for fibre-reinforced plastics
  • Advantages of DIN SPEC 4885 compared to existing methods for determining shear parameters
  • Practical application of DIN SPEC 4885 in the test laboratory
  • Information on the DIN SPEC standardisation procedure

Target group:

  • R&D (simulation of material models, development and application of new materials or material combinations, development of new components)
  • Quality assurance (continuous QA in production, incoming goods inspection)


  • Automotive industry, aerospace industry, wind energy industry, chemical industry


  • Dr. Fabian Grasse


  • Thursday, 15 March 2018, 10.00 to 11.30 a.m.


  • Registration is via Beuth website.