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Delegation of DIN hosted by Grasse Zur Composite Testing

Around a year after Grasse Zur Composite Testing had been awarded with the DIN Innovation Award 2014, a delegation of DIN, namely the Chairman of the Managing Board Dr. Torsten Bahke, Head of Communication Mr Ahle, Executive Director of Standards Committee of Material Testings Mr Seibicke and Project Manager of Standards Commitee of Material Testings Mr Anik, visited Grasse Zur Composite Testing in their business premises in Berlin-Zehlendorf. There they learned about the current development of products of the company and about future plans and objectives of the company.

Grasse Zur Composite Testing continues to develop novel testing methods for fiber reinforced composite materials. Usually, after a successful market launch, a standardisation in collaboration with DIN is pending. The benchmark is DIN SPEC 4885: After a processing time of six weeks only, the specification of the innovative testing method “Fibre-reinforced plastic composites – Shear test method using a shear frame for the determination of the in-plane shear stress/strain response and shear modulus” was published in January 2014. The base of the novel shear testing system is a shear frame technology, formerly developed under the lead of Prof. Volker Trappe, that was adopted, improved and transferred into industrial application by Grasse Zur Composite Testing from the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

The visit of DIN emphasises the benevolent cooperation with Grasse Zur Composite Testing. The DIN commitee regards itself as more than just a permission authority and provides the company with advice and practical help. The still novel product “DIN SPEC” is a specification especially designed for new developments and thus made for companies like Grasse Zur Composite Testing that constantly enhance already existing or create novel testing methods. A shortened procedure duration provides the standardised test method much faster which sustainably increases the effectivity of knowledge transfer.

Word has spread of the high quality of the testings at Grasse Zur Composite Testing: The client base still includes the very first customers and has opened up to many more from new branches of industry.  Furthermore the field of activity is constantly being broadened. Thus all the signals point to expansion: Moving into larger premises (same adress) is scheduled to begin shortly and the team has grown with two more permanent employees.