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Shear testing system of Grasse Zur Composite Testing most viewed news in Lightweight Design 2014

In February, the professional journal Lightweight Design reported about the shear testing system by Grasse Zur Composite Testing which has been standardised as DIN SPEC 4885:2014 in January 2014. The paper „Neuer Prüfstandard für die Schubprüfung von faserverstärkten Kunststoffen” (new testing standards for shear testing of fibre reinforced composite materials) has met great interest among experts and hit number one of most viewed news in Lightweight Design.

The new testing system for characterising shear values of composite materials has been developed by Grasse Zur Composite Testing for industrial application. Prior to this, the test method had been invented in the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing and scientifically evaluated within the scope of a doctoral thesis. Grasse Zur Composite Testing enhanced the test method to a workable system for shear testing composite materials, which allows a faster and more accurate material characterisation than before. It is awarded by DIN Innovation price 2014 and Innovation price Berlin-Brandenburg 2014.

The magazin Lightweight Design (publisher Springer Vieweg) is the most recognized professional journal for lightweight construction and the use of fibre reinforced composite materials in the German-speaking region. Based on practically oriented informations, Lightweight Design reports on implemetations of the principles of lightweight construcion for development and manufacturing of new products following the whole value chain starting with the development of materials and constructions, going to simulation and optimisation and finally reaching production technology, quality control and recycling.