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Seminar program for end of 2018

Below you will find the current dates:

The seminars offer the time and opportunity to make contacts, introduce your everyday challenges and questions and to discuss them in the spirit of an exchange of experience. The discussions can be continued with the dinner together in a pleasant atmosphere. If several employees come from one company, we can give you a small discount. We also offer a discount for student and academic staff. Just contact us. Afterwards, it is a good idea to extend your stay with an interesting weekend in the capital Berlin.

Further information and registration options are available here!

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Limited special price for standardised testing services

Due to Composites Europe 2018 we offer you a special price for material testing and the determination of characteristic values according to standardised tests. You will receive a discount of 25 percent on all listed testing services until November 16th 2018:

  • Tensile tests in 0° and 90° fibre orientation including determination of tensile moduli, tensile strengths, Poisson ratio and max. tensile strain (Testing according to ISO 527-2/4/5, ASTM D3039, DIN EN 2561
  • Compression tests in 0° and 90° fibre orientation including determination of compressive moduli, compressive strengths and max. compressive strain (Testing according to ISO 14126 (Celanese compression test), DIN EN 2850)
  • Shear tests including determination of shear modulus, shear strength and max. shear strain (Testing according to ISO 14129, DIN SPEC 4885 (picture frame test!), ASTM D5379 (Iosipescu shear test), ASTM D7078 (Rail Shear test), ASTM D3518, DIN EN 6031)
  • Bending tests including determination of bending modulus, bending strength and max. bending strain (Testing according to ISO 14125, ISO 178, ASTM D790, DIN EN 2562, DIN EN 2748)
  • ILSS tests including determination of interlaminar shear strength (Testing according to ISO 14130, ASTM D2344, DIN EN 2563, DIN EN 2377)
  • Determination of fibre volume content (ashing or calcination) (Testing according to ISO 14127, DIN EN 2564)
  • Determination of density (Testing according to DIN EN 1183-1)
  • Determination of current and max. glass transition temperature Tg (DSC) (Testing according to ISO 11357)

The offer includes the preparation of test specimens from provided material, the application of tabs and strain gauges, the geometry measurement of specimens, the material tests and the preparation of test reports. The tests are carried out at room temperature or higher temperatures on calibrated testing machines.

There are not the right material tests listed? Just contact us, we are happy to advise you and create an adapted offer if necessary!

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Composites Europe from November 06 until November 08 2018 in Stuttgart

This year we are once again exhibiting at the most important leading trade fair for fibre-reinforced plastics for the German market. Composites Europe will take place from 6 to 8 November in Stuttgart. You will find us this year in Hall 7 / Stand C 14a in the immediate vicinity of SGL Carbon and Saertex.

This year we would like to inform you about current developments in our service portfolio. In particular, the focus will be on our upcoming laboratory accreditation according to ISO 17025. Of course, we will also be bringing along our reference test equipment as well as our US-Plus curing control system, which has been successfully used for over twenty years and is the only process control system on the market that can measure without contact.

We look forward to your visit!

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France wins the FIFA World Cup 2018!

Congratulations to France on winning the 2018 World Cup! Even in football, more and more carbon is being used: In shoes, masks and shin pads. The pros know why. It’s time to let the pros check it out…

Well done Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappé and all the others!

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Special discount for test fixtures

Due to the high demand for our test fixtures, we are able to offer discounts on selected models, provided we receive an order by 31/07/2018:

Celanese compression test fixture [link]
GZ C-20, modified Celanese compression fixture for testing according to DIN EN ISO 14126, significantly improved handling, better specimen clamping, quickly exchangeable clamping pads

Iosipescu shear test fixture [link]
GZ IS-20, modified test fixture for testing according to ASTM D5379, 2-column design, extended specimen support and clamping, improved specimen centring

ILSS bending test fixture [link]
GZ IL-10, 3-point and 4-point bending test fixture, on request with ILSS insert, for testing according to DIN EN ISO 14125, ISO 178, DIN EN ISO 14130, ASTM D2344, 2-column design, improved handling

Picture frame [link]
GZ S-80, reference shear test method, awarded the DIN Innovation Prize 2014, developed at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, for testing according to DIN SPEC 4885 (from 2019 DIN EN ISO 20337), can be used according to DNVGL guideline for the approval of rotor blades, significantly better material characteristics compared to all other methods for determining shear characteristics such as DIN EN ISO 14129, ASTM D5379 and ASTM D7078

Our test fixtures can be adapted to all common testing machines from the manufacturers Zwick, MTS, Instron, Shimadzu and Hegewald & Peschke. They are used by well-known companies in the composites industry such as Fraunhofer IGCV, ABB, Siemens, Lamborghini and Grob Aircraft and enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. The test fixtures are durable, low-maintenance and provide better material characteristics due to their optimised design in detail.

For more information on our reference test fixtures and other test fixtures for testing fibre-reinforced plastics, click here!

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Materials testing program

For several years, Grasse Zur Composite Testing has been offering large quantity discounts for the execution of material testing programmes and for the creation of material cards, e.g. for simulation or the development of components. In view of the successful initial audit in April 2018 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025 and the forthcoming laboratory accreditation, the processes have been further optimised so that in future even more favourable prices can be offered in some cases for standard tests.

The offer includes the production of the test specimens from material provided, the measurement of the test specimens, if necessary the bonding of tabs or the application of strain gauges or the conditioning in the climatic cabinet, the performance of the material tests and the preparation of meaningful test reports. The tests are carried out at room temperature and also at elevated temperatures.

Of course, we also carry out a variety of other tests on fibre-reinforced plastics at our location in Berlin. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer according to your requirements in a timely manner.

Considerable quantity discounts can be offered for the following tests in the case of larger test scopes:

  • Tensile test in 0° and 90° direction with details of the respective stiffnesses, strengths, transverse contraction numbers and elongations at break (tests according to DIN EN ISO 527-4 or DIN EN ISO 527-5 and ASTM D3039)
  • Compression test in 0° and 90° direction with details of the respective stiffnesses, strengths and elongations at break (tests according to DIN EN ISO 14126)
  • Shear test with specification of shear stiffness, shear strength and shear strain (tests according to DIN EN ISO 14129, DIN SPEC 4885 / DIN EN ISO 20337 (shear frame shear test), ASTM D5379 and ASTM D7078)
  • ILSS test with indication of apparent interlaminar shear strength (tests according to DIN EN ISO 14130, DIN EN 2563, DIN EN 2377 and ASTM D2344)
  • 3-point and 4-point bending test with indication of bending stiffness, bending strength and bending strain (tests according to DIN EN ISO 178 and DIN EN ISO 14125)
  • Determination of the actual and maximum glass temperature Tg by means of DSC (tests according to DIN EN ISO 11357)

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16th Youth Symposium on Experimental Solid Mechanics

The YSESM 2018 symposium provides a forum for young researchers and engineers, students and PhD students dealing with subjects of experimental mechanics. In addition, the combination of the experimental mechanics with modern numerical methods will be a new focus of this 16th Symposium.

The 16th symposium continues both the long tradition of this conference series and introduces novel elements. Dr. Fabian Grasse is key note speaker on May 17th 2018 (material testing of composites).

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Successful propeller pull-out test for gliders

An important part of the „B13 electric“ project of the Akaflieg Berlin e.V. is the design of own propeller blades. Anyone who operates a prototype and wants to fly with it (for the purpose of flight testing, for example) is in active contact with the staff of the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA). There, a decision is made as to whether or not the aircraft is allowed to take to the air in the given configuration. In the case of the B13 electric drive, proof must therefore be provided that the propeller blades can withstand the forces that occur in flight.

The means of choice for this is a propeller pull-out test, carried out at Grasse Zur Composite Testing Berlin. The propeller passed the required test with 15 kN (corresponds to four times the expected load in flight with engine operation J=4). Subsequently, the load was continuously increased. At 25 kN, the first white cracks appeared in the glue-on area, a crack only occurred at 32 kN, but not in the propeller blade structure, but in the glue-on area.

Further information

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Webinar in cooperation with DIN for DIN SPEC 4885

The webinar provides sound knowledge in the determination of shear parameters of fibre-reinforced plastics, shows the advantages of shear parameter determination by means of picture frames compared to other existing methods for shear parameter determination and enables the user to perform and evaluate shear tests according to DIN SPEC 4885. The webinar takes place in cooperation with Beuth.

The webinar is divided into imparting the basic theoretical knowledge on determining the shear characteristic value of fibre-reinforced plastics and the practical implementation of DIN SPEC 4885. To this end, the special features of the anisotropic material behaviour of fibre-reinforced plastics are explained and the state of the art is presented, taking into account a current overview of standards. The focus of the webinar is on the practical application of DIN SPEC 4885: the determination of shear parameters using shear frames is discussed in detail and many case studies are shown. This will enable both employees in the testing laboratory and decision-makers to find the right procedure for determining the shear coefficient for the respective application.

Event Objective:

  • Determination of shear parameters for fibre-reinforced plastics
  • Advantages of DIN SPEC 4885 compared to existing methods for determining shear parameters
  • Practical application of DIN SPEC 4885 in the test laboratory
  • Information on the DIN SPEC standardisation procedure

Target group:

  • R&D (simulation of material models, development and application of new materials or material combinations, development of new components)
  • Quality assurance (continuous QA in production, incoming goods inspection)


  • Automotive industry, aerospace industry, wind energy industry, chemical industry


  • Dr. Fabian Grasse


  • Thursday, 15 March 2018, 10.00 to 11.30 a.m.


  • Registration is via Beuth website.